The Whole Heart

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The Three-Month Divorce Coaching Program that Equips You to Reinvent Yourself and Move Forward Powerfully

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Carrie Doubts, MA, PCC

Transformational Life Coach

Carrie is a certified professional coach who specializes in helping people going through life transitions to utilize them as transformational opportunities. Carrie offers individual and group coaching to people experiencing divorce and grief, empowering them to powerfully rebuild their lives after loss.

She founded Life's Next Chapter Coaching as a company dedicated to empowering, guiding, and supporting people to reconnect to their heart, reclaim their power, and re-align with their purpose to create their next chapter in life. 

Trace Hobson, CTPC

Transformational Leadership Coach

Trace is the founder and director of iConnectExpansion, and the Chief Organizational Alchemist and Mystic for the Center for Transformational Presence. 

Trace works with globally with executives, teams, and organizations that are going through large transitions, transformations, and reorganizations. He helps them to learn cutting edge tools, skills, and capacities that scale transformation for individuals, teams, and systems.

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